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Welcome to Grand Caribbean East and Grand Caribbean West of Perdido Key!
I just wanted to put a quick information notice on the web site to let you know what has occurred around the complex. I also wanted to say hello to all the owners who do not know me. I am Ed Allbritton and I am the new President of the Home Owners Association. Please feel free to contact me and/or Shawn Millard (our Property Manager) about problems or questions you may have.


Knox will be performing their regularly scheduled pest control service to the
Grand Caribbean East units on
Date: TBD
Time: TBD

Knox will be performing their regularly scheduled pest control service to the
Grand Caribbean West units on
Date: TBD
Time: TBD


I. Meeting held at the Perdido Bay Community Center on May 20th. Approximately 150- 200 people in attendance (including Ed and myself). The presentation consisted of a 10 minute looped video with 6-7 separate stations set up to address specific questions.


1. Before Ivan a Profit Development and Environmental (henceforth PD&E) study was conducted from State Road 292 (Perdido Key Blvd) to Blue Angel Parkway. Focus of study was hurricane evacuation, general traffic flow, service standards, and potential impact on Perdido Key mouse. Initial study completed.

2. Post Ivan, Escambia County Commissioners decided to break project into 2 phases. Phase 1 was from Innerarity Point Road to Blue Angel. Phase 2 was from Alabama border to Innerarity Point Road. Both phases were to encompass a road expansion to 4 lanes.

3. Alternatives were evaluated for phase two;
A) Expansion of Perdido Key Blvd in its entirety
B) Expansion of Perdido Bay Blvd to River Road then to bridge via River Road
C) Expansion to Ono Island with new bridge to connect with end of Innerarity Point Road
D) Construction of New Bridge connecting end of Canal Road to Innerarity Point Eoad

4. Preceding alternatives judged based on (in no particular order):
A) Cost
B) Right of Way Issues
C) Cultural impact
D) Environmental impact
E) Impact on Perdido Key Mouse

5. After evaluation, alternatives ranked A thru D above, with option A being the most desirable. FYI the differences between option A and option B was only 29 points. After Option B the differences in the various options was significant

6. Primary difference between option A and B had to do primarily with right of way issues.

Current State:

1. Phase 1 was approved approximately 2-3 months ago and the PD&E study has been ordered and scheduled to be completed in 1-2 years. Final completion for phase 1 will be 5-8 years if it does not slide to the right.

2. Phase 2: County Commissioners hope to reach final resolution on which alternative is best prior to the end of 2014. Then 3-5 years for the PD&E study with final completion somewhere in the 10-15 year range.

3. County Commissioners/Florida FDOT is still looking for any comments pro or con. Mail all concerns to :

FDOT Attn: Ms Peggy Kelly
1074 Highway 90
Chipley, FL

Dan Walborn